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Who we are: Experts in the processing of the highest quality IQF Berries and fresh/frozen/brine Chanterelle in Belarus
What we do: Produce IQF berries for food industry. Our Wild Berries are used in ice cream, bakery, yoghurt fillings, jams, smoothies and other products. Produce fresh chanterelle for markets and restaurants, frozen and brine chanterelle for further processing
How we do: Safety and Quality of the product is always the highest priority for us. We build long-term business relationships with our Clients so we could satisfy growing needs and requirements
About us
AVI Berry company was founded in 1999 in Belarus. It is foreign privately-owned unitary industrial and commercial enterprise. The main fields of its activity include: purchasing, processing and export of wild forest berries and mushrooms. For this reason, company is situated in the central part of the country so that it could be more convenient to organize deliveries from all regions of Belarus.

With 20 years of experience the company is able to compete in European market and successfully cooperate with foreign companies. Our products are exported all over Europe and Russia. Every year the production capacities grows by approximately 10%-15%, and in the meantime it makes almost 5000 tons per year.

A special attention is drawn to the entire purchase and processing procedures to satisfy the established standards. All the products are checked for radioactive contamination with the latest and most advanced certified electronic equipment. The quality of the products receives the biggest attention.