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About the company

AVI company was founded in 1999. It is foreign privately-owned unitary industrial and commercial enterprise. The main fields of its activity include: buying up, processing and export of non-wood forest goods (e. g. mushrooms and berries). For this reason the trade depot is situated in the central part of the Republic of Belarus so that it could be more convenient to organize the buying up in the whole country. After 15 years of experience the company is able to compete in the local market and successfully cooperate with foreign companies. All the production is exported into countries of the Western Europe. Every year the exporting grows by approximately 10%-15%, and in the meantime it makes up around 2000 ton per year.

A special attention is drown to the entire buying up and processing procedures that satisfy the established standards. Every type of production is checked for radioactive contamination. To carry out this strict control the latest and most advanced certified electronic equipment is used. The quality of the production receives the utmost attention.
Every year sees gradual development of the material-production base and implementation of the latest production technologies.

During the season around 100 people are preoccupied with the production, 80% of them are seasonal workers.

Main objectives of the company:

  • enlarge the scope of the production;
  • increase the range of products;
  • achieve maximum realization of the physical work and technologies in order to improve the quality and quantity of the production;
  • work in cooperation with foreign companies and achieve the best possible results.

The vision of the company is an integration into the sphere of the global market and become a competitive company not only in the local market but also in the international arena.

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